Year 8-9

The Middle School team continue to monitor every students' well-being and attainment, in line with lower school procedures.                                           

In the Middle School more focus is placed on preparing students for their GCSE option choices.

Students work with careers programmes such as KUDOS to identify possible careers they would be interested in and then produce presentations, to share ideas with others, in the year group, about what is required to be successful within selected careers.

Support is given by form tutors, subject teachers, the Head of section, the Head of careers and the Deputy Head for the curriculum through a range of activities, including the parents' and students' consultation evening and the options information evening. In addition to this students are given access to the careers library and are encouraged to research and discuss their options choices in detail.

In the Middle School students are encouraged to develop their independence and develop key skills learnt in the Lower school, which will allow them to achieve their individual potential and ensure success in the future.