Year 5

                           Year 5 is the final year in the Junior School.

Throughout the year the teachers prepare the children for entry to the Grammar School.  The focus is however not entirely academic as it is a year where the children are encouraged to develop  further their independent work ethic and  their organisation skills. 

Technology is  embedded in the curriculum and the children complete projects using a wide range of media including PowerPoint presentations, posters,  and the construction of models. These are presented to their year group or to other year groups in the School.

Mandarin is introduced to the curriculum in this year in preparation for the Senior School.  

The  children have many outings including visiting the Leicester Botanic Gardens for a science / art based activity and taking a trip to Beaumanor Hall researching and experiencing what it was like to be a child in WW2.

In the Summer Term the children are busily learning their lines, gathering and preparing the props and costumes for the end of year drama/musical production which is performed to the other year groups, parents and governors. Every child is fully immersed in the production and relishes the chance to show off their talents.