Year 10-11

Mrs D Ibbetson, Head of Section, oversees disciplinary and pastoral matters in Years 10 and 11 assisted by a team of Form Teachers. The pastoral team work hard to ensure that all students feel valued and cared for and that the appropriate support is available to them when required.

All students are placed in Form Groups and they meet with their Form Teacher when they first come into school at the start of each school day, and before school re-starts in the afternoon.

The Form Teacher is the first point of contact for parents with any concerns. The Form Group normally stay together with their Form tutor as a unit for their two years in Upper School. This is to allow good working relationships to be fostered and for the Form Teacher to know, understand and support their form members as they move through the School at a very important time during their education.

Form Tutors also communicate regularly with tutors to gain an understanding of individual pressures and also involvement in activities both inside and outside of school.

Form periods involve both tutor and student led group activities across a wide range of topics that are specific, for example careers and study skills. There is a link between the Form Tutors and both the careers service ISCO and the School PSHCE programme. 

During Form Time, there is also the opportunity to provide supported private study time, with Sixth Form Prefects assisting the Form Tutors where appropriate. This helps to foster independent learning and to encourage increased depth of research within specific subject areas.

The Director of teaching and learning along with the Head of Section and Form Tutors maintain a strong link with subject teachers to ensure that each student is working at the appropriate level of effort and attainment, encouraging and monitoring development and will provide individual targets for pupils where required. The attainment of targets is closely monitored on a daily and weekly basis. Communication with Parents is of utmost importance during any periods of monitoring.

There is strong liaison between the Head of Section and both the Head of Middle School, to enable smooth transition and appropriate option choices for GCSE courses and with the Head of Sixth Form for transition into AS studies. A strong chain of communication and liaison also exists with the Director of Student Care who oversees the pastoral teams across the School and offers advice and support to pupils and staff whenever needed. Towards the end of Year 11, all students and parents will be invited in for a post-16 interview to discuss A Level chioces and study routes.

If you require any further information or assistance please contact Mrs D Ibbetson,