Year 1-2

Welcome to Year 1 and Year 2

There is strong emphasis on building Literacy and Numeracy skills during these two academic years. By developing strengths in both areas, through the exploration of topics which may be Humanities or Science based, children gain the confidence to undertake independent research.  

In Year 1 children have just left the Early Years Foundation Stage and are beginning Key Stage 1. The timetable becomes more structured yet continues to be delivered mainly through practical activities.

Education is carried  on outside the classroom to support the classwork.  In the Summer Term, for example, the year group study the Life Cycle of the Butterfly and the children watch with amazement as the caterpillars change into butterflies. A trip to Stratford Butterfly Farm is a wonderful end to the topic.

On International Day the children dress in National Costume, sample traditional foods and create artwork from many different countries. The children investigate how people in other countries  live.

Life skills are also important and we are pleased to be supported by the Leicestershire Road Safety Tutor who teaches the children how to cross the road safely using the Green Cross Code.

In Year 2 our varied projects are designed to stimulate the children's imaginations. After studying Space and Dinosaurs, we look into the worlds of The Victorians and Ancient Egyptians to learn more about the history and geography of our world. 

Trips are organized  to support and enhance our learning and specialists are invited into school to share their expertise with us.  

We enjoy a very hands-on approach to our cross-curricular studies and make good use of the facilities and rural setting available, including our outdoor classroom, large playing fields and adjacent woods.