Sixth Form

Pastoral care in the Sixth Form is fundamental to fulfilling our aims of realising students’ full academic potential as well as developing their social and personal qualities.

The pastoral system achieves this in a number of ways:
•    Students are placed in vertical Tutor groups with an even balance of Lower and Upper Sixth students. Tutors stay with the students throughout the duration of their two years in the Sixth Form. 
•    Transition between Year 11 and Sixth Form is closely supported by the Head of Sixth Form and Head of Upper School 
•    Students joining the Sixth Form from other schools are monitored and supported closely and systems are in place to ensure a speedy and successful integration into the Sixth Form.
•    The Head of Sixth Form, who has a base in the Sixth Form House, works closely with the Tutor team to support students. The Student Council, chaired by a Sixth Form Prefect, and Head of Sixth Form Forums ensure the student voice continues to be heard. 
•    Students with matters of a personal, emotional or medical nature have access to full support and outside agencies where necessary. There are also twice-weekly drop-ins with the Head of Sixth Form for those who seek guidance and support either as individuals or as a group.
•    Students with specific needs are identified where possible with progress monitored and guidance given. 
•    Tutors work closely with all students and subject teachers to track and review academic progress and a close relationship with home is encouraged. Communication is regular and supportive and positive achievements are congratulated.
•    Students attend Form Time twice a week and have regular individual tutorials when guidance on a number of areas can be given.
•    Regular assemblies are held for the Sixth Form with students often adopting a key role in their delivery.
•    PSHCE continues to be delivered through the Sixth Form Enrichment programme
•    Opportunities to further leadership skills are offered through senior prefect roles and posts of responsibility throughout the school. Students manage the running and upkeep of the Sixth Form House and are encouraged to take an active role in the pastoral welfare of students in the main school through roles as Form Prefects and peer mentors.

During their time in the Sixth Form, the pastoral system is focussed on maintaining the school’s ethos and aims in ensuring that students leave us a well rounded, confident individuals prepared for the next stage in their life.