Sixth Form

Welcome To The Dixie Grammar Sixth Form

The Sixth Form is, without a doubt, the most exciting stage of school life. Students are studying subjects that suit them best and small class sizes help individuals redefine and achieve their potential.

The Dixie has a wide range of A Level subjects on offer and we build the timetable to fit our students’ choices. Students enjoy a more mature relationship with their teachers and are set aside from the rest of the school with various privileges.

With freedom comes responsibility, and there are many opportunities for both boys and girls to lead:

  • Head Boy and Head Girl​ 
  • Sport and Charity Prefects
  • Maths Leaders
  • Sports Leaders
  • Leaders of Music ensembles
  • Prefects
  • Buddies to those lower down and new to the School
  • Leading the Student Council
  • Welcoming guests and visitors to the School and giving guided tours.

A Level study forms the core of a Sixth Former’s day, but there are many other extra-curricular opportunities available to enrich our students experience and ensure that they receive an all-round education.

Our Sixth Formers leave with a rainbow of personal and employability skills  - leadership, ability to work in a team, sociability, loyalty, commitment, communication, ability to stay the course, problem solvers, creative thinkers, integrity, competence and self-assurance without arrogance.