Other Links & Visits

The Art based link with the Tongabezi Trust school has involved month long visits every other year by staff and older students to take part in joint Art/DT-based curriculum activities. Whilst there they spend considerable time in the homes of local residents and also engage in a variety of activities many of which are linked the local culture and way of life.


This summer, a small but nevertheless excited group of Y10, Y11 and LVI embarked on a wonderful ‘Art & Culture’ experience in Livingstone, Zambia. The group visiting local villages; learning about ALERT - the Lion conservation and rehabilitation into the wild programme; discovering a wealth of wildlife whilst on a photographic safari in Botswana; trekking in the Batoka Gorge and seeing one of the seven wonders of the natural world – Victoria Falls.

We set up a ‘studio’ within camp where we printed fabric, paint and created our own images of our experiences throughout. We aimed to capture ‘life in the bush’ by interviewing and portraying the lives of people in the local community.

The students learnt about taking responsibility seriously in the form of a rota of duties such as meal planning for the group, shopping, cooking, entertaining guests, washing up, laundry and general good housekeeping.

They also managed the group budget, organising transport, all whilst ensuring the general wellbeing of the group.

This amazing and rewarding experience in a magnificent continent such as Africa will stay with them forever.

We look forward to organsing a Zambia Exhibition in October 2014.

Mrs. W Knight, Art & Design, World Challenge School Leader