Welcome to The Dixie Grammar Junior School

The Dixie Grammar Junior School and Nursery is a small, friendly school with a wide curriculum base and a full programme of extra-curricular activities, taking full advantage of the outside environment. We value each of our pupils, recognizing achievement and celebrating success in every field of endeavour, whether academic, sporting, music, or dramatic.

We always provide extra support and guidance to those who need it, whilst priding ourselves on the ability to develop and extend genuine talent and ability from an early age.

The School provides a warm, caring, friendly atmosphere where the children feel happy and secure. We recognise individuality, promote independence and encourage each child to reach his or her own potential.

All our staff firmly believe that there is nothing more rewarding than helping bright, young, inquiring minds to reach out to the world, while giving them the guidance they need to begin to understand it.  Our pupils move on to the Senior School with a real sense of achievement and confidence in their own abilities.

I look forward to welcoming you.  

Emma Billington

 Head of Junior School and Nursery