At The Dixie, Geography;

  • Provides our pupils with an understanding of their place in world society.
  • Encourages sympathy and understanding of other cultures and traditions.
  • Develops awareness of and an appreciation for the environment and its sustainable development.
  • Develops investigative and study skills valuable to both academic success and the world of work.
  • Gain knowledge of changes over time and space in the physical, human and environmental nature of the world

As part of the Geography curriculum we provide pupils with an opportunity to participate in a residential fieldtrip to the Dorset coast. We also offer a residential trip to North West Wales for our A-level students and fieldwork opportunities for those studying IGCSE.

We also offer a drop in session one lunch time each week where pupils can receive help with homework tasks, catch up with any work missed and participate in extended learning projects for example building volcanoes.