Few people realise that 75% of the world’s population do not speak English and that 60% of British business is done with countries who do not speak English. A second language is vital in today’s world.

Alongside English, French is the only language which can claim to be truly global. It is spoken on all five continents and is the official language of NATO, the UN and the European Court of Justice, to name but a few.  All students in Yearss 6 to 9 are taught French at The Dixie and one European language forms part of the core GCSE curriculum. 

Students enjoy a vibrant programme of extra-curricular activities, ranging from an annual French breakfast for Year 7, national spelling bee and vocabulary competitions, the Year 9 foreign film project, an exchange for Year 10 with our partner school in Nîmes and the offer of work experience abroad for our Sixth Form.