Examinations are an inevitable part of life for all students in the UK and at the Dixie we aim to prepare our students well for the GCSE and A Level examinations they will face in Year 11 and the Sixth Form.  Part of this preparation involves plenty of practice and this is one reason we hold a formal exam period in each year of the senior school.  This regular practice ensures that students become fully versed in the revision and examination technique that suits them best and are undaunted by the formal setting of external exams by the time they arrive.  In addition it helps all parties – students, parents and teachers – to assess how well a particular student has mastered the course content for each subject each year.  The details of the exam period for different year groups will be sent by ParentMail and in addition all students are advised about revision techniques generally and subject specific material will be provided within individual teaching groups.  You are always welcome to contact school for any further help or advice as required.